The Bearer token is the access token requested in Request Access Token page.

When you receive a success response, then your app will receive a new access token for user, but if account has enabled the Two-Factor authentication, you have to make a new authentication.

Success login with no two-factor

Here is an example where you will receive a success response, two-factor authentication is not required so you can use the access token for user requests:

  status: 'success',
  two_factor: false,
  access_token: 'UserAccessToken...'

Success login with Two-Factor require

In this example, it's necessary to make a second authentication using the two-factor code, so you will receive an answer like this:

  status: 'success',
  two_factor: true,
  access_token: 'twoFactorToken...'

The access_token received will be used in the two-factor token.


Two Factor token will be valid for 10 minutes

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